A Good Match Is Someone With Tasty Spit, Says Dan Savage [Bonus Scene]

Dan's cross-country college tour brought him to his home city of Chicago during tonight's episode of "Savage U," where an active group of undergrads looked to him for help on improving their time in the bedroom. Genevieve wanted suggestions on dealing with her inability to reach climax, and Alexis needed a pep talk so she could find someone accepting of her transgender identity. The columnist doled out useful advice during his one-on-ones, as well as on stage, where he was so connected to the students that he correctly guessed who authored one of the questions by simply scanning the audience.

Among the many relatable topics addressed during the episode was online dating, and in the bonus scene below, our charming sex guru says that the most important thing in determining if a person's found a good match is whether or not they enjoy the taste of their partner's saliva. "It's not a relationship until you're in the same room and inhale their spit and other secretions," he states. So what exactly should the stuff taste like? Mmm, you'll have to watch to find out.

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