'Savage' Advice In Action: Set The Bar Higher (Even Pauly D And Vinny Tried It!)

MTV’s newest resident sex and relationship guru Dan Savage is trekking across the country to enlighten America's coeds and help them better understand the sexual culture that exists today. But what happens once Dan offers his pearls of wisdom to the eager undergrad? We usually don't get to see the students put his advice into practice, but luckily our own MTV family members can show us all how it's done. This week's advice in action: Set the bar higher.

On last week's episode of "Savage U," our dream team continued their travels through the country's bible belt, this time landing at Auburn University in Alabama. Dan and Lauren got right to work researching the campus' sex culture, and were surprised to learn that there were a lot of (supposed) virgins lurking in the Dirty South. According to much of the undergrad population, in their downtime--of which there's plenty, seeing as how they're "all" saving themselves for marriage--the guys practice their door holding while the girls work towards their MRS. degrees. And then there's Zach.

Zach, whom the great professor and his T.A. met during their first student sit-down at AU, was a lax bro with a steady stream of one-night stands, but no steady special someone to call his own. Finding a girl to take home at night was easy, but what he really wanted was a girl to take home to his parents. Our sex guru advised Zach that if he wanted to move past casual late-night trysts and nab himself an exclusive sig other, he’d first need to focus on the friend part of the equation. Watch the clip:

If Zach can keep his lacrosse stick in his pants long enough to get to know a woman beyond her drink order, he’s got a much better chance of forging a more long-term relationship. As Dan sees it, Zach should raise the bar on the types of girls he goes after, and refuse to let his man parts dictate his love life. Which, believe it or not, is something best buds Vinny and Pauly D of "Jersey Shore" attempted--and proved--on Season 2, when they decided to skip the club on their final night in Miami to wine and dine two girls they considered more than an easy lay.

The longest relationship that either Pauly or Vinny has had over the course of five seasons is their bromance with one another. The guys have remained girlfriend-less mostly by choice; their only requirement for taking a chick back to the house is that she be DTF. But every so often one of them will meet a woman who is more than a tight dress and a quickie. For Vinny, Ramona was the total package: beautiful, smart not stupid and far from desperate. She made such an impression on Vin that he even brought up three words we'd never heard him say before in casual conversation: long distance relationship. And then there was Rocio, who stole Pauly D's heart with her adorable dimples and chill personality. The DJ was so into this girl that he didn't even try to smash it out on their last night together. In two of the sweetest scenes from any season of "Jersey Shore," Pauly and Vinny opened their hearts and tamed their libidos (at least for one night).

Just because a guy has a solid number of one-night stands to his name doesn't mean he's not interested in something more serious. But, as Dan so eloquently put it, you shouldn't "stick your d**k in any girl you're not willing to date." If you continue to let your horniness get the best of you, and divert your attention away from the "girlfriend material" girls (or "boyfriend material" boys), you'll be stuck taking yourself out on dates. When you set the bar higher, and get to know someone on the outside before getting to know them under the covers, there's a much better possibility of developing a satisfying, lasting relationship.

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