'Caged' Poll: Does Daniel's Memory Of Hannah Hurt Or Help?

Just because you're Minden's golden boy doesn't mean everything in life comes easy. For proof, look at Daniel, who continues to struggle with the untimely loss of his former girlfriend, Hannah.

Ever since Hannah passed, honoring her memory has been a priority to the "Caged" winner of the week. In the most recent episode, Daniel even put in a call to the promoter asking for a moment of silence during his fight, as it fell on the same night as the anniversary of her death. He's gained strength from opening up about his loss and we've seen how it shapes his relationship with Brittini, but it's also possible that his unresolved feelings for Hannah could actually hinder his success. Is he too stuck in the past?

+ After getting to know Daniel over the past few episodes, do you think his residual feelings for Hannah are helping him or holding him back? Let us know how you feel by voting in the poll.

Does Daniel's memory of Hannah hurt or help him?

  • Hurt.
  • Help,

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