Daniel Is Our 'Caged' Winner of The Week!

After demonstrating his physical abilities--and strength of character--during a pivotal MMA match in this week's episode, there was no question that Daniel would be our latest "Caged" champ. Minden's golden boy rose to the occasion and made his community proud, including fellow fighters Wes and Danger. Here are even more reasons why Daniel snagged the honor this week.

He Ruled The Cage

Daniel had a lot to prove to himself after suffering a devastating knockout in his last fight. The pressure to win was compounded by the fact that the match was taking place on the four-year anniversary of his former girlfriend Hannah's death. Daniel was able to channel his emotions into a thrilling victory.

He Honored Hannah's Memory

A bonus scene revealed that Daniel requested a moment of silence for Hannah before his match, a gesture that meant a lot to her attending family. After winning his fight, he gave a moving interview and expressed hope that his big win could give new meaning to the anniversary date. Daniel's grace and eloquence during such a difficult time was impressive.

No Relationship Drama

Wes and Danger both had issues with their significant others in this episode--Wes and Red continued to bicker over their differences, and Danger suspected that his new sorta-girlfriend Laura was lying to him. Since Daniel was concentrating on his upcoming match, he avoided the drama that plagued his fellow fighters, and that focus paid off in a much-needed victory.

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