'Jersey Shore' Burning Question: Where's Roger?

We've seen plenty of Jionni so far on Season 5 of "Jersey Shore"--even if Snooki keeps trying to hide him from "The Unit"--but JWOWW's juicehead beau has been mysteriously absent from all the Seaside shenans. Roger made a quick appearance at the gang's surprise party during the premiere, though now, it seems he's gone MIA. We're holding out hope he'll walk through the beach house door sometime soon (we miss our giddy, lovestruck Jenni!), but until then, we'll just have to throw out some ideas as to where he could be...

Caught Up In GTL: The daily cycle can be pretty time-consuming, especially when you've got a beefy bod to maintain. Plus, the more you work out, the more laundry you're forced to do!

Dealing With His Real Job: JWOWW's man missed out on his chance to search the Florence streets--barefoot and drunk at 3 in the morning--for Jionni because he couldn't get time off from work. Maybe his job is still keeping him from hanging with the crew.

Stuck In A Cab, Thanks To "The Situation": Mike sent Snooki and Deena to New York City with his cab prank during Season 3, so perhaps he called a car for Roger, too? It would be the perfect way to get back at Jenni for that Atlantic City punch from way back when (Sitch tends to hold a grudge, ya know?).

Flying Under The Radar: It's only been three episodes and already we've seen a lot of drama go down. Vinny left, "The Unit" won't leave, Ryder made the rounds and Pauly D's face peeled off. Roger could be lounging around the house 24/7 for all we know--he's just being boring and not getting any camera time.

+ We want to hear what you think about Roger's lack of screen time. Where do you think dude's hiding?

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