'Jersey Shore' Poll: Which Cast Member Had The Best Year?

With 2012 quickly approaching and most of us finally stirring from our holiday food comas, we'd like to reflect one last time on the important happs of the past year. We're a little exhausted from writing so many Best of 2001 lists, so today we've decided on doing a poll. We want to hear from you: Which "Jersey Shore" guido or guidette was sporting the most swagger in 2011?

The entire crew had a pretty sick year, getting a free trip to Italy, where the limoncello poured freely and the cobblestone streets were begging them to bite it (and bite it they did, quite often). After watching the Shore Squad get wild in their bitchin digs, go clubbing every night and travel the country, we're pretty sure fans were a little jeal of "Jersey Shore"'s European vacation.

While everyone got to learn the finer points of fist pump, push-up, ChapStick in Florence, Italy, each castie had some individual successes as well. In the off-season, JWOWW landed the cover of Maxim, Snooki put out a new book and grabbed a Slammy, and Pauly D proved he had serious DJ chops--just to name a few. All this activity makes it hard to choose which "Jersey Shore" staple had the best 2011, but hey, life isn't about taking the easy way out. Vote!

Which castie made the most out of 2011?

  • Mike
  • Snooki
  • Deena
  • Sammi
  • Ronnie
  • Vinny
  • Pauly D

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Photo: Ian Spanier