Which MTV Stars Should Top Santa's Naughty And Nice List?

We like to think that Santa Claus watches MTV, but he's a pretty busy guy so we understand if he'd rather spend his spare time drinking hot toddies and listening to smooth jazz. Which is why we thought we'd help the fat man figure out which of our network's stars should be on his "naughty and "nice" list this holiday season. It's the least we could do, and frankly, we could use the extra credit.


The "Jersey Shore" cast

The hard-partying guidos and guidettes worked overtime at being scandalous in 2011. They probably deserve lumps of coal in their stockings, but then again, would they have it any other way? If you need a reminder of why they're on the naughty list, take a look at the Season 5 trailer. Or revisit the night Snooki flashed her koo-kah for all the world to see (and cringe).

Derek Hale, "Teen Wolf"

Derek has always had an unmanageable temper, but now that he's the new Alpha, his crossover to the dark side definitely lands him on the "naughty" list. Jackson, however, may be willing to put a few gifts under the brooding guy's tree if he's finally given that werewolf bite he's been pining for.

Sadie Saxton, "Awkward."

Sadie's parents may be rich, but there's no way she could buy her way to a spot on Santa's good side. Especially when she tried to make life so miserable for Jenna! Unless she puts in a real effort to change her mean girl ways, Saint Nick won't be saying "you're welcome" anytime soon!

Beavis and Butt-Head

They're crude, their crass, and if Santa ever visited their crash pad, they'd probably just trap him in the chimney and steal his sleigh full of presents. There's not a snowball's chance in hell they would be on the "nice" list. Like, duh.


Sam, "Real World: San Diego"

Sam is a real sweetheart who works hard to spread a message of tolerance, not just among her roommates, but in her community. She's so likable that we bet she could convince Santa to give presents to the entire house, no matter how naughty they've been this season.

Jake Rosati, "Awkward"

Jake is the very definition of a stand-up guy--he's the kind of person who doesn't let status dictate romance (unlike Matty!). While we're sure he'll be getting lots of presents from the big guy this year, he's probably happiest with the gift he got at winter formal: a budding relationship with Jenna.

Chelsea Settles

This fashionista moved to L.A. and scored a kick-ass job and awesome friends, all thanks to her sunny personality and positive attitude. Chelsea isn't the type to wait around for Santa to hand her things on a silver platter; she likes to venture out and get things done herself.

Mondo, "Good Vibes"

This New Jersey surfer dude is a friendly and lovable guy, even when he's struggling to blend in with his new Cali crowd. If Santa could help him win his dream girl Jeena, Mondo would hang 10 in appreciation.

+Did we miss anyone? Tell us who you think has been naughty and nice this year by sounding off in the comments!

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