Chelsea’s Blog: It Was My First ‘Love Triangle’

From the moment I met my cousin’s roommate, Devon, there was an instant attraction. Devon was funny, good-looking and such a charmer! He also had a way of getting me to break out of my shell. But while there was chemistry between us, there was also Rory–my first and only boyfriend of five years.

People have conflicting views on Rory’s ability to be a good boyfriend, but I can assure you, he is a sweet and lovable guy! Every relationship has its challenges (and we’ve definitely had more than our fair share), but Rory and I were determined to make it work.

After five years of dating, Rory was anxious to move to the next level–I honestly think we both were. However, I was unsure what that next level would be for me. I had finally come into my own at Vanity Room, I was losing weight and gaining confidence, and actually enjoying Los Angeles! Imagine that?

I guess you could call this my first, uhh…love triangle? Or, love square, if you add L.A. into the mix.

Devon’s unwavering support and sincerity meant the world to me, but I was unwilling to leave love behind to pursue a crush. After all, a little harmless flirting never hurt anyone right?

Boys, boys, boys…they sure know how to stir up trouble. The early 20s should really come with a warning label: “Proceed with caution!” Sheesh.


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