How Frank's New Relationship Benefits The 'Real World' House

Zach and Ashley may be taking their sweet time defining the terms of their quasi-relationship, but Frank certainly isn't hitting the pause button when it comes to falling in love. After meeting Michael at a highlighter party, he waited all of 48 hours before developing serious feelings for him.

For most people, their whirlwind romance moved a little too fast, but the "Real World" roommates seem to support the new couple because Frank's happiness has improved the overall dynamic of the house. Check out how everyone has benefited from Frank's new relationship.

Frank: Duh, the dude is madly in love, and it's with someone who's totally available. This Cloud Nine euphoria is keeping Frank calm and nonconfrontational. Michael FTW.

Alex: The songbird doesn't have to worry about Frank obsessing over her anymore. This has to make for a healthier friendship and prevent any Byron jealousy issues. (Now only if they could get that hand-holding thing sorted out.)

Nate: Michael is an awesome source of nonprofit information that can help Nate get his suicide awareness start-up off the ground. Plus, Mike is one of the chillest house guests you could ask for, and Nate could seriously use some chill time.

Ashley: Apparently, all Ash needed to become more comfortable with the gay lifestyle was an adorable new friend she could give nicknames to. Michael has transformed the judgmental roomie into party-planning cutie.

Zach: Wherever Ashley goes, Zach will follow. These two have quite the effect on each other, and now that Ashley is becoming open to other lifestyles via Michael, Thor is becoming a little more tolerant himself.

Priscilla: Now that Michael is around, the number of "Frankouts" has drastically decreased, which means 'Cilla doesn't have to play mom anymore. Unless they need a designated driver, of course.

Sam: Having another gay person in the house helps Sam with her goal to open up her roomies to different sexual orientations. Based on what's listed above, it looks like it's working.

+ Do you think this new romance is working wonders, too? Let us know your feelings on "Frankael" in the comments.

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