Chelsea's Blog: Seeing The Beach Was 'My Turning Point'

Most people dread the thought of enduring a six-hour plane ride. I, on the other hand, was praying that my flight to California would last a lifetime. As we descended into Los Angeles, waves of excitement exploded through my body, despite the fact that I completely forgot to research anything about driving there.

I remember being on the major highway, heading to a new home, in a new city and wondering, "Where is the beach? The red carpet? The celebrities?" There were none, but I did have Jenna, who was stylish, bubbly and very welcoming. I'd never lived with a roommate before so I couldn't tell if she was sincere or acting.

I moved away from home to rebuild my life, but I never really factored in the loneliness. Relocating left me feeling overwhelmed, defeated and I missed my mom. Did I mention I experienced all of these emotions in the first few hours?

The turning point for me was going to the beach for the first time. I dreamed of that moment for so long, and I wanted to christen my new life by jumping into the ocean. Having Jenna by my side cleared up any doubts I had about her sincerity. This was my rebirth, and I had something to prove.



P.S. I only cried once in this episode! Yay! Progress.

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