The 5 Most Inspiring Moments From The 'Chelsea Settles' Premiere

We enjoyed watching the premiere of "Chelsea Settles" for a number of reasons. Not only did MTV's newest heroine have an infectious smile, but her courage and willingness to venture out in the unknown was remarkable. Since we were so impressed with Chelsea's winning attitude, we rounded up the five most inspirational moments from the first episode:

Tossing Out The Shame

Embarrassed by her weight, Chelsea found it hard to eat in public and actually ate most of her fast-food meals alone in her car. Following an informative visit with a doctor, the young woman found the strength to throw out the heap of hidden food wrappers she had stashed in her backseat. It was a great first step.

Buying Better

Determined to change her eating habits, Chelsea and her cousin Jerel went to the supermarket to explore the vegetable aisle. She was definitely out of her comfort zone, but staying away from high-fat foods demonstrated her willpower and desire to change.

Weighing In

Despite her fear of being judged, Chelsea let herself be vulnerable and allowed her personal trainer to record her weight and body fat. It was an incredibly brave move, especially since she knew the cameras were going to catch it all.

Tuning Out The Naysayers

Chelsea's long-distance boyfriend Rory made it clear that their relationship wouldn't survive if she moved to Los Angeles. Feeling empowered by a great workout, the aspiring fashionista decided not to deal with his negative attitude and actually ignored his phone call.

Facing Her Fears

After being humiliated by annoying hecklers, it looked like Chelsea was going to put L.A. on the back burner. Thankfully, a positive phone call from a potential roommate helped her realize how close she was to the finish line. From there it was off to the top of a mountain for a little self-reflection.

+ Chelsea went through a lot during the first episode, what your favorite moment? Sound off in the comments!

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