5 Twists On The Traditional Snooki Halloween Costume

Snooki was the most popular Halloween costume of 2010, and no doubt lots of people will dress as the "Jersey Shore" castie this year too. So if you're thinking of going as your favorite guidette on Oct. 31 but want to differentiate yourself from the pack, here are five costume ideas based on the meatball's biggest Season 4 moments. First thing's first: Lose the pouf!

Traveling Snooki: Find some animal-print luggage, load it onto a Smarte Carte and top it off with a plush alligator named Crocadilly. Slip on jorts, a beige top and mules, and--voilà!--you are Snooki at the airport, on the way to a fabulous Italian adventure.

Pizzeria Snooki: While working at the O'Vesuvio Pizzeria, Snooks was forced to wear the shop's uniform. Wanna look like you're employed there, too? Throw on a red T-shirt, white baseball cap, huge hoop earrings and a bored expression, and you're all set.

Bad Driver Snooki: You only need three signature accessories to be the girl who rear-ended an Italian police car: Oversize sunglasses with a chain, a tight black Bebe top and a breathalyzer. If you want to look like her post-accident, add the neck brace.

Clubbing Snooki: Remember Snooki's night out when she flashed her lady bits and ticked off her boyfriend Jionni? Re-create this memorable moment with a hot pink mini (bonus points if it's leopard print), hair bow and outrageously high heels. Then, be sure to sprint down a cobblestone street. (No need to show off your underwears though.)

Heartbroken Snooki: Our little princess was devastated after Jionni dumped her for flashing her koo-kah. You can become this Snooki by wearing a supershort white minidress with matching furry boots. For true authenticity, stumble around sadly at an empty bar while muttering, "This is the worst day of my life."

+ Which version of the "Jersey Shore" castie would you dress as? Sound off in the comments and be sure to check out more fun Halloween costume ideas at MTV Style.

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