GIF: Watch Pauly D And Vinny Fist-Pump To No End

Fist-pumping has always been Vinny's thing. From the day we first spotted the Season 1 trailer of "Jersey Shore," his pit-stained shirt and champion hand-to-sky motion had us sold--this was a guy we needed to know. Preferably in a dance hall. Since that wondrous day, his roomies have been adopting the guido-patented move and putting their own flavor on it (for instance, Ronnie likes to pair the gesture with a quasi-Running Man move that no one--yes, no one--can replicate).

So in honor of Vinny's enviable fist-pump, enjoy this animated GIF of him and Pauly D goofing around in Italy (via, then take a look at some hilarious "Jersey Shore" video promos before the premiere on Aug. 4!