Snooki vs. Angelina: Who Won The Girlfight?

It was kinda ballsy of Snooki to bring Alex back to the house knowing wholeheartedly that Angelina tongued him first (she did know that, right?), but after Angie yelled out "I can't stand any of yous," she pretty much brewed her own brawl. Snooki took off her earrings and went after Angelina like a caged bull, dragging the feud from the couch to the floor and over to the beanbag chair. With so much hair flipping and leg kicking, it was hard to declare a winner (but if we had to dole out a gift for best post-fight song, Snooks would definitely be crowned).

+ Angelina ultimately jetted back to Staten Island, but that doesn't necessarily mean Snooki defeated her, so you tell us: Who really won the throwdown on tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore"?

Who won the fight?

  • Snooki
  • Angelina