VIDEO: Snooki Doesn't Miss A Day Of Googling Herself

Here at Remote Control, we've got a pretty good handle on how the MTV audience will respond to a new series, but never in a trillion years did we expect "Jersey Shore" to become such a massive sensation and its cast members to become the hottest faces to grace national magazines and late night TV. Even after Season 1's success, we couldn't have fathomed seeing a casual Tweet from John McCain go out to Snooki. But it all happened, and the buzz continues.

You may be surprised to hear that none of the show's stars are taking the fame for granted (hey, they knew they were the s**t long before "Jersey Shore" came along). In a recent interview with RC, JWOWW commented that she makes sure to be humble and appreciative "because it could all be gone tomorrow." Additionally, Snooki said that no matter how big this thing gets ('Breaking: Snooki Goes To The Moon!'), she'll always stay true to herself: "I'm still gonna be shopping at Bebe and Guess."

Check out the video clip below of each of the "Jersey" girls explaining how all the attention has (and hasn't) affected their lives.

As anyone who frequents the Internet knows full well, there's always a negative side to fame: the haters. Still, it's no skin off these ladies' bronze backs -- in fact, they welcome you to bring it. According to Snooks, "If you don't have haters then you know you're not doing it right." And there's no better way to find out if you're doing it right than by constantly Googling yourself. Have a listen for further details: