VIDEO: Celebrate Big Balls With Our Best Of The Dudesons Collection!

The Finnish are coming! The Finnish are coming! Tonight, four epic jackasses from Finland who call themselves The Dudesons (that's Finnish for bonkers) will arrive on our fair shores with their show "The Dudesons in America" (airs 10/9c). In preparation, we took a walk down memory lane with six of the guys' best stunts. Try not to barf.

Crashing one car is fun. Crashing two cars attached to one another at the roof? That's just plain stupid. It's also what HP and Jarppi do in this clip:

We're not sure, but we'd be willing to bet that this is the first time a building was destroyed with a man standing on top of it. Who would have the enormous balls required to do such a thing? You guessed it ...

Building a ramp and launching yourself off of it is the oldest stunt in the book. The Dudesons take it to its illogical extreme by building a ramp that points out into a lake and sends HP off of it at 500 mph (according to Jarppi).

Ever wonder how squirrels feel around Christmas time when humans saunter off into the forest to chop down the trees they call home? Jarno found out the hard way:

As if jumping over a barn in a car wasn't already insane enough, Jarno decides to try it blindfolded. The result is less of a jump and more of a fall onto the top of the car. Ouch.

Go on YouTube and you can find countless videos of daredevils jumping ramps on cars. But how many videos can you find of a car jumping a ramp attached to another moving car ... that's also pulling an exploding trailer?