Jersey Slang, Part Two: What It Means To 'Go Smush Yourself'

Sure, Jersey Shore's entertaining -- but did you know it's also highly educational? Tonight, Pauly D and The Situation showed us how to bring home four girls (and not actually score with any of them), Sammi and Ronnie taught us the true meaning of the word "smush" and RonRon informed us that Mike would actually "bang a Gatorade bottle, if it had a pulse."

Oh, and as if all that wasn't enough? We ALSO learned that JWOWW's boyfriend has more spies than Big Brother (no more dirty-dancing on HIS watch, lady!) and got another lesson in New Jersey slang. Read the three latest additions to our Seaside Heights phrase book and feel free to share your own Jersey Shore-isms in the comments.

Smushed [v., past tense]

Definition: A concise way to describe a passionate night of lovemaking. (i.e. "Of course I really like her. You think I would've smushed with just anyone?") [See also: pound one out]

Beatin' up the beat [Eng., idiom]

Definition: Moving one's hands and fists in time to ear-shattering house music. (i.e. "No one beats up the beat like DJ Pauly D. Nobody.") [See also: fist-pumpin' like champs].

Lame [adj.]

Definition: A pejorative term for girls who are unwilling or unable to experience the joys of the Jersey Shore hot tub. (i.e. "We don't have respect for girls who don't respect our jacuzzi. They're friggin' lame.")

+ Got anything to add? Tell us in the comments, plus let us know whether you've ever "taken one for the team" the way Pauly D did for Mike "The Situation" tonight.