Can The ABDCrews Learn Bollywood In A Week?

We already told you the ABDCrews are going Bollywood this week -- but don't think for one second they're doing it alone. In order to learn the complex Indian-themed dance style, the six remaining crews are meeting with renowned choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan. And from what Nakul told us, it won't be easy.

"It will definitely be interesting to see how they execute their style into the different Bollywood genres," Nakul said.  "Certain crews have intricate hand gestures and footwork ... which take years to master," he explains. "Accomplishing those techniques in a week will be mind-blowing."

So is he enjoying his time with the remaining crews? "This week [has been] phenomenal. My dancers and I are really inspired by each crew, and their eagerness to learning a new style of dance."

And given the recent upsurge of Bollywood-style dance, we asked Nakul whether he thought America was ready for an all-Indian dance crew next season.  "I definitely think having a Bollywood crew on ABDC would add a new element to the show," he predicted. "[They] would be one of the most entertaining crews to watch due to the diversity of movement that Bollywood offers."