3OH!3's Hot Real World Theme Song: 'Sex On The Beach'!

"Sex on the Beach," the theme song for Real World: Cancun, could not be more apropos, no? Sure, none of the cast members have secured a good romp in the sand just yet, but you know it's bound happen. A little tequila, some dancing at Senior Frog's, a late-night stroll on the shore ... and then boom!

Well, that's how we hear it goes down.

So who are the masterminds behind this brilliantly titled tune? That would be 3OH!3. Or, ahem, 3OH!OH!OH!3. The Boulder, CO, band has been bringing it since 2004, but we're thinkin' these guys are about to hit it SUPER BIG. Check out some cool photos, video and more info on the group, plus don't forget to watch the premiere of RW: Cancun!