MTB Video Recap: In Defense Of Qwanell...

Every show has its underdog, but this week on Making The Band, I really came to appreciate the subtle genius of Qwanell. Seriously, once you peel back the layers of confusing drama, it’s obvious that Que is the undisputed star of Day26.

Que comes from a long line of misunderstood musical masterminds who shone far too bright to share the spotlight, like Syd Barrett and Lance Bass. Anyway, Que’s my boy, and I HATE watching the rest of Day26 gang up on him. Lay off, guys, he just wants to learn to dance good! And if the rest of the group thinks Que’s acting too cool for school, well … maybe he is actually too cool for school.

And another thing, ya’ll are setting a terrible example for the pop vocal ensembles of the world. When V Factory dropped by to fill us in on the meaning of their name, they practically came to blows with each other. Gee, I wonder how they got the idea that fighting is cool? I’m looking at you, Willie.

MTB got me so tense, thank GOD Taking The Stage came to the rescue. I like my drama served medium-rare and 100% producer-orchestrated, thank you very much. So much happened, and I’d love to finish blogging about it but Sway just challenged me to a dance-off. Gotta step up!