True Life Update: The Fight Continues For MTV's Mixed Martial Artists

On tonight's True Life: I'm a Mixed Martial Artist, you met Frankie and his wife Renee, as well as Ian and Kit. Much has happened in the lives of these fighters since the taping of the show, and they gladly agreed to fill you in on the latest news...


After the wedding, things were moving fast. We went to Hawaii -- beautiful place, everyone should go there once in their life. Coming back, we must have still thought we were on the honeymoon because Renee got pregnant. I'm super excited to be having a kid. We found out it's a Boy, so that's pretty cool. I'm going to teach him what I know and pass on my love for wrestling and fighting, and hopefully he'll take to it.

As far as training, a lot has changed since the show. I finally decided to join a team: Ricardo Almeda Jui-jit-su and Renzo Gracie Fight Team. I feel that my skills will get a lot better being under a great teacher and with great workout partners. I have started doing strength and conditioning at Parisi Speed School under the guidance of Martin Rooney. He is second to none when it comes to this stuff. I've also continued my boxing with Mark Henry and my skills have continued to improve. These new additions to my training helped me achieve a victory in my last fight over former No. 1 contender Hermes Franca.

Wrestling season has just begun at Rutgers University -- we are very excited for this season because our freshmen are highly touted as the No. 3 recruiting class in the country. I just signed my next fight for December 10 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I'll be fighting for our Troops and taking on the tough Matt Wiman.

Producer's Note: Watch Frankie's interview on the "SIRIUS Fight Club" radio show leading up to his UFC fight against Gray Maynard. Frankie talks about fighting on the world's biggest stage while simultaneously preparing for his wedding.

After the jump, get updates from Renee, Ian and Kit!

RENEE EDGAR (Frankie's wife)

Things have been going great! We got pregnant right after the Honeymoon! Now we are over 5 1/2 months pregnant. Pregnancy must like me -- the only symptom that I've experienced is tiredness. No morning sickness at all, which I am very thankful for since all of my friends who are pregnant have it.

I was pregnant at Frankie's last fight against Hermes Franca, and I was a TROOPER! I sat through the whole thing with his sister Gina keeping me calm. At his next fight on December 10, I'm going to be 8 Months pregnant. That will be a sight to see! We are so excited to become parents and Frankie's very happy that it's a boy. He wants to raise a little fighter.


What's happening, guys? Since the filming and my pro debut, training has gotten a little more intense. I have to step it up a little if I want to make it into the big shows, those guys are tough as nails. I've already improved in so many areas of MMA since my last fight, thanks to my coaches and my training partners. I should have a fight coming up in either late October/early November, I'll keep everyone updated.

I think this is going to be a crazy year -- a good year, but a crazy one. Since the show, everything is getting a lot more busy, but for the best. More offers, more sponsors, more respect. It's awesome. I don't have as many people questioning my abilities now because of my performance on the show. The whole getting noticed around campus and around town is a completely new thing to me, considering I grew up in a little podunk town haha. But hopefully I'll get used to all this soon enough. I think in the end the exposure I'm getting is definitely going to help my career.

All is well with my family: love my parents, love my brothers, and love my girlfriend. Hopefully that goes both ways haha. Nothing has changed in my relationship with my peeps -- I still have the greatest friends a man could ask for. Still tight with my old friends, as well as some new ones. All of them are showing tremendous support and I can't thank them enough. Anyway, I would love to get some feedback from you all -- let me know how you like the show!


WHAT IT DO, PEOPLES OF THE MUSIC TELEVISION WORLD?! First, I would like to thank the MTV boss people for bringing me back to unload some more drama gold on your picture boxes. I had a great time with the greatest production team of all time, led by Mr. Patrick Lope. The show pretty much documented my comeback, as well as my true beginning as an MMA fighter. Since the show, everything has been falling into place. I got an awesome new manager, Francisco Arias, after doing it all myself for the past 14 years! So now I can focus all of my energy on training, fighting and making TV magic. I'm also in negotiation with a couple promoters so I can get back to the big show.

Since the fight on the show, the WFC has canceled two shows that I was supposed to fight on. Who knows if they'll have another? So, it's a good thing I signed that retardulous deal! Consequently, blasphemy had been spewing from Aubrey's head to the tune of "you need to get a REAL job!" With that said, we have sadly parted ways. A fighter needs either ultimate support or solohood. Keep your sets live people, you'll be seeing more of Kit Cope.