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A Group Of Protesters Will Literally Pay People To Interrupt Donald Trump On 'SNL'

Organizers plan to demonstrate outside the filming location as well.

Amid opposition to Donald Trump hosting "Saturday Night Live," a band of protesters has planned to demonstrate outside Rockefeller Center in New York, where the show is filmed on Saturday night (Nov. 7), with intentions to pay $5,000 to anyone who disrupts the show and exclaims a message to the Republican presidential hopeful.

"We’re hoping that somebody in the audience stands up and calls him a racist," one of the organizers, Luke Montgomery, said to The Guardian.

This stems from a speech Trump gave in June, where he claimed Mexican immigrants were "rapists" who were "bringing crime" to the U.S. After "SNL" announced Trump as a host in October, a handful of protest groups organized together to demonstrate at Trump Tower and at the NBC headquarters in New York.


Now, they have plans to organize on Saturday night -- and the group offering the bounty for an outburst,, is reportedly willing to pay $5,000 to anyone in the audience who can interrupt the broadcast.

"If he were to call black Americans rapists, murderers and drug dealers, that woud not fly," Montgomery told The Guardian. “So why is it OK that he would say that about Latinos? 'Saturday Night Live' is really disgusting for having him on.”


"SNL"'s parent company, NBC Universal, cut ties with Trump in June shortly after his controversial remarks. Both NBC and "SNL" have been quiet about their decision to book Trump.

Trump himself has tweeted a few words about his excitement for the show.

You can watch Trump on "SNL" at 11:30 ET on NBC. Sia is the musical guest.