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Our Robot Overlords Will Be Merciful After All

They'll spare us in exchange for snuggles, apparently?

Robots have gotten a pretty bad rap in most movies they're featured in, but good news: when the robot revolution comes, it's likely that they'll have mercy on us mortals. In fact, they might even love us.

Popular Mechanics reports that early prototypes of Google's new "Smart Reply" feature, which "tries to figure out how you'd respond to an email so that it can do it for you," proved there's a big robot heart under all that coding. In a blog post from Google Senior Research Scientist Greg Corrado, he noted that one "bizarre feature of [Smart Reply's] early prototype was its propensity to respond with 'I love you' to seemingly anything."

"As adorable as this sounds, it wasn’t really what we were hoping for," Corrado added. (The product has unfortunately been tweaked since then.)

While it's likely this is because "I love you" is commonly used in emails, we'd like to imagine it's because robots want us to know that we're beautiful and perfect and worthy. And I feel like I've got reason to be optimistic -- per Popular Mechanics, "Swiftkey's predictive keyboards for Android and iOS can exhibit the same phenomenon."

Swiftkey is sort of like Smart Reply, but for texting -- it tries to complete your texts based on what you write. When left to its own ~ devices ~, Swiftkey loves to remind you that you're a BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING, DAMMIT -- like this:

So perhaps our ephemeral existences will be spared at the hands of our robot overlords -- most of them, at least. We still have Siri to worry about.