One Direction Wrote A Song About One Night Stands — Hear The New Teaser

1D preview their new songs 'Temporary Fix' and 'Walking In The Wind.'

Earlier this week, One Direction hosted First Listen parties around the country, giving thousands of fans a chance to listen to their upcoming album, Made In The A.M., in full. If you weren’t able to make it, chances are you were feelin’ the FOMO pretty strongly. But because they love you and they want you to be as psyched as humanly possibly for MITAM, 1D have done us a solid and released clips of two brand new tracks, “Temporary Fix” and “Walking In The Wind,” as well as commentary for each of them by Niall Horan and Harry Styles.

First up is the rock-fueled “Temporary Fix,” a song co-written by Niall, Wayne Hector and two members of production trio TMS. In my MITAM First Listen recap, I dubbed it “‘No Control’ 2.0,” and you’ll definitely be able to hear that for yourself in this snippet. It shows off the more “mature” sound the guys have been touting for a while now, especially with its one night stand-implying lyrics: “You can call me when you’re lonely, when you can’t sleep/ I’ll be your temporary fix, you control me/ even if it’s just tonight, yeah yeah yeah.”

Niall name-checked Kings Of Leon’s “Sex On Fire” as one of the tracks he and the other co-writers were influenced by, saying they liked that “it’s a love song but it’s got a bit of dirt to it and it’s got a bit of grit to it.”

“So it’s basically just about being a bar and some guy’s chewing the ear off ya, he’s got a few drinks in him, and you can tell by her body language that she doesn’t want to be there,” Niall explained. “So you come over to her, chat to her. Then the chorus is basically about, I can be your ‘temporary fix,’ so we don’t have to call it anything. I think it’s right, it’s relatable, I guess. You know, everyone has a grungy night out every now and then.”

Then we do a complete 180-degree turn for “Walking In The Wind,” which has an uplifting, breezy vibe similar to 1D’s “Ready to Run” and “Through the Dark.”

“I like ‘Walking in the Wind’ because I’m a big Paul Simon fan and I think the inspiration behind it was Graceland,” Harry Styles said, referring to Simon’s iconic 1986 album. “I love that album and when I listen to it, I love hearing the influence from that in [“Walking In The Wind”]. It’s cool to be able to have influences that you’ve love for so long. I really like this song… I think it’s a nice one.”

Judging by the “Track-by-Track” title of the vid, it sounds like the band will likely be releasing teaser clips like this for every song until Made In The A.M. drops on Nov. 13. So much to look forward to!