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How Well Does Ja Rule Remember His Rule 3:36 Album That Came Out 15 Years Ago?

We put him to the test.

Ja Rule has had a lot of albums and even more hits over an almost 20-year career. So I can't really blame him if he doesn't remember the exact details of all of them.

But that doesn't mean I can't laugh at him for that fuzzy memory, right?

I hope not, because that's exactly what I was doing recently when he became the latest victim of our "Know Yourself" series with a quiz on Rule 3:36, his sophomore album, which dropped 15 years ago. Yes, it was a pop quiz for which I gave Ja absolutely no warning -- but still, this was when he really catapulted into the sphere of superstardom, so maybe he'd remember something.

Watch below and you can laugh at (and with) Ja, too.