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'Star Wars Rebels' Just Brought Another Fan Favorite 'Clone Wars' Character Back

And Ezra is so not impressed.

Last week's episode of "Star Wars Rebels" was a pretty rough time for everybody, what with Sarah Michelle Gellar's arrival as the menacing new Inquisitor, Seventh Sister. Seems like it's time for some nice, relaxing wacky space smuggler hijinks to take our mind off the Inquisitors and the Rebels' impeding doom -- and "Brothers Of The Broken Horn," found just the guy to bring in and make it happen. Or more like the Weequay, am I right? #nerdjokes

  1. In Which Ezra Has Painful Teen Feelings
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    Just like last episode, we open with Ezra getting taught some valuable battle skills, except this time it's from Captain Rex training him to shoot blasters. Naturally Kanan hates this, declaring that Ezra is a Jedi, not a soldier -- but then the two men get themselves schooled when Ezra answers that maybe he doesn't want to be a soldier or a Jedi and they're not his REAL DAD, OKAY? Okay, maybe that last part I made up.

    Ezra is still brooding over all his dumb chores and practice sessions when Hera and the rest of the gang heads off on a mission to search for power generations, leaving him and Chopper behind to clean the Phantom's exhaust ports. But his teen angst is short-lived when Chopper picks up a distress call from the Broken Horn, which is owned by the crime lord Vizago and his many droids. Ezra decides that clearly the best course of action is to answer the call all on his lonesome, since he owes Vizago a favor and also he's his own boss and can do what he wants, Kanan.

    Except even though it's Vizago's ship, it's not actually Vizago -- it's a different totally scummy criminal we all know and love!

  2. Hondo in the House!
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    Remember Hondo Ohnaka, the pirate-with-a-heart-of-maybe-gold-sometimes whose path often intersected with the Galactic Republic in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars?" Well, he's back, and he's got a delightful tentacle beard now. He won the ship and all the droids from the crime lord in a game of Sabaac, he tells Ezra -- or rather, "Lando Calrissian," the name that Ezra introduces himself with. Dude, next time you're using an alias, maybe make sure it's not the name of a famous smuggler?

    As Hondo is about to tell "Lando" all about his former glory days, the two are set upon by an Imperial ship and have to make the jump to Hyperspace, sending them "off on an adventure." While they're stuck together, Hondo suggests an alliance: he needs someone to help him carry these power generators to a deal he's making, and in exchange he'll give Ezra a couple generator for his trouble. Sounds perfect, right?

  3. Except Whoops, It's Not
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    Turns out that the buyer is Azmorigan, another crime lord who was expecting to deal with Vizago -- and rather than pay Hondo, decides that he's going to collect a bounty on the old pirate's head by killing him. Things get even more dire when he recognizes Ezra as the kid who helped steal from him on Lando Calrissian's farm back on Lothal -- and not a Lando himself, obviously. Hondo takes the deception well. "You lied to me? I knew I liked you!"

    Things get dicey when Chopper swoops in to rescue the two, and Hondo almost gets thrown out the airlock into space until he's saved by Ezra's Jedi abilities, which he loves. Ater all, one of his best friends was a Jedi! (Or, well, he's "pretty sure" they were friends.) He suggests that Ezra give up his responsibilities and become a pirate Jedi in his crew, which admittedly has a really nice sound to it. Ezra's considering it, too... until he finds Vizago in the brig, who's finally able to call in that favor.

  4. Droids! Droids Everywhere!
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    Ezra tries to settle Vizago and Hondo's differences while getting the generators for himself, but neither criminal finds that to be a good deal and Vizago attacks everybody with his droids. In the confusion, Hondo makes off with the Phantom and the generators, leaving Ezra completely in the lurch.

    But Hondo doesn't get very far, because Chopper put the ship on autopilot and they're able to track him right back to the Ghost -- where of course he is regaling the rest of the crew with stories of how Ezra saved the day and generously offering to donate his generators to the Rebels before skedaddling off into the sunset. Oh, Hondo. Never change.