Connor Franta's Guide To Creating The Perfect Instagram

With 4 million followers (and counting), the YouTube star shares his secrets for dominating the 'Gram.

At nearly 5 million loyal subscribers on YouTube, it's safe to say that Connor Franta has gotten the hang of this whole online video thing. Turns out, YouTube isn't the only platform the 23-year-old vlogger/author/entrepreneur is dominating -- his growing Instagram account is quickly catching up.

Having just broken 4 million followers, Franta is showing off his photography skills on the 'Gram where he shares "moments many seem to miss" from latte art to fall foliage. In his own words, Franta has shared some of his tricks for slaying the Insta game with MTV News. Check 'em out below.

By Connor Franta

How I Approach Instagram Photography:

First off, this is completely up to the individual -- there is no right or wrong way to take a photo! However, taking photos with something like your iPhone has some limitations, so you need to get creative. For example, try taking photos from a different perspective. You can try to get low, get really close to the subject or even do something more abstract like shooting above, from the ground.

My Favorite Camera:

For Instagram, people use cameras ranging from high-end DSLRs, point-and-shoots, classic film cameras and their smartphones. I personally like to use my iPhone because I know I will always have it with me.

What I Like to Photograph:

When taking a photo, I tend to look for one of the following: depth, symmetry, color or contrast. All of those things catch my eye to the point where I stop dead in my tracks to capture whatever it is that I’ve seen.

My Instagram Theme:

I don’t tend to do a whole Instagram theme. I like to capture the moment in front of me and make it look as good as possible!

Apps I Like for Editing:

This is by far the most fun part of photography! Using the correct apps can completely change how your photos look. It’s really exciting because once you’ve already taken a good photo, it can become 10 times better if you use the right combination of apps. My favorites are VSCO CamAfterlightFacetune and SKRWT.

For more secrets on how to make the perfect Instagram, check out Connor's latest video: