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Nicki Minaj Makes It Clear That She Wasn’t Insulting Anyone In Her Halloween Video

Nicki responds to critics.

Nicki Minaj had an interesting Halloween, dressing up as a fairy princess and reposting ill Barb costumes, but it wasn't all good. One of her comments this weekend also caused a bit of controversy and backlash -- but she cleared that all up on Monday, Nov. 2.

This happened thanks to a video that showed her laughing, telling someone who appeared to be in a wheelchair to walk. The video -- which she reportedly posted -- has since been deleted, but it can be viewed below thanks to The New York Daily News.

Fans were clearly outraged when they saw this. Here's a look at some of the backlash Minaj received after the video hit the net:

When Perez Hilton posted about the story, Nicki fired back. She said the person wasn't disabled at all and that her friend was actually in a scooter.

The apology was enough for some fans while others were still bothered by the video.

Nicki didn't just field backlash this weekend. She also called out an offensive Bill Cosby Halloween costume on her Instagram page. Her caption? "Our generation is so desensitized."

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