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Jay Z And Kanye's Hotel Riders Are Even More Strangely Specific Than You'd Imagine

Try this during your next hotel stay.

It's always a fun day when tour riders hit the 'net. Us normal people get to see what sorts of odd, elaborate or outlandish things our favorite stars demand for their dressing rooms at shows, and we get to imagine what we'd have on our own riders (I'd start with lots of Reese's -- regular size, not the minis or jumbo or sticks -- at room temperature, by the way).

On Monday (Nov. 2), we got something I've actually never seen before, though it's akin to a tour rider: A hotel rider.

TMZ published pieces of what are reportedly Jay Z and Kanye West's demands for their hotel stops for concerts, and there are some truly phenomenal requests.

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According to the report, Hov needs the temperature to be 71 degrees in the room. I think we can all empathize with wanting that comfortable, in between temp -- how often have you walked into a hotel room and it's been too hot or too cold? Been there.

Being the doting father that he is, he also keeps Blue's best interests in mind: Everything breakable, like lamps, must be removed, and all sharp edges and electrical outlets need to be covered. There has to be organic whole milk on deck for her, but pops needs Ace of Spades in the room -- which, by the way, he says you shouldn't charge him for, since he owns the company.

Also, don't ask him for tickets and don't vacuum near his room. No word on if he issues personal apologies to other hotel guests for the un-vacuumed carpets on his floor.

As for Yeezy, all vases in his room must be cylindrical, because that's the only vase shape that deserves respect. He wants a Genelecs 1031a speaker, which was continued a decade ago, of course. He also likes Kashi Go Lean cereal, which you hopefully already knew. And flosses with mint floss (is there any other option?) and wants black towels.

I'm definitely planning on calling whatever the next hotel I stay at is, asking (nicely) for this stuff and seeing if they'll play ball.

Will let you know how that goes.