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Sam Smith’s To-Do List Includes A Baby

Sam plans to sleep in and 'eat some good food' while taking a break.

With reporting by Chris Kim

Little sailors were a bit heartbroken when Sam Smith revealed that he after "playing now for three years nonstop," he was going to take a hiatus from music and be a normal 23-year-old, which for Sam means not having to set his alarm.

"A day in the life, wake up hopefully like 10 a.m.," Sam recently told us of what a day on break would look like for him. "Eat some good food, eat some more good food, eat some more good food, three meals a day."

Sounds like a good plan to me, but there are some other things he wants to do in his time out of the spotlight.

"I want to cook more, I want to go on some dates, I want to be 23-years-old and make mistakes and feel OK about making mistakes," he said. "And be with my family and have some good times with my family and have a row with my mom, I haven't had a row with my mom in ages."

But just because he won't be releasing music doesn't mean he's not working on it. Sam has already written songs for his second album about things that happened earlier in the year, "which made me feel a little bit something and I felt I had to talk about it," and said to expect it to be the "second part" of his love story.

And with a No. 1 album, In The Lonely Hour, a slew of hit singles, a James Bond theme song and four Grammy Awards, is there anything left on Sam's to-do list?

"My gosh, I want a kid, I want a baby," he said. "But definitely not now, I don't even know. My dreams have come true, everything is good."