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What's Good -- Nicki Minaj And Miley Cyrus Both Dressed Up As Hardcore Princesses This Halloween

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Halloween 2015 is already everything and then some thanks to the slick celeb costume game being played this year -- from Beyoncé's Storm surprise to Fergie as Choupette Lagerfeld and every amazing thing in between.

And the day just became an even tastier treat because Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus both dressed up as a tough AF princesses this year, and we can't decide who pulled it off better TBH because they're both so ~fancy~ and fierce.

  • Princess Nicki
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    Nicki dubbed herself a "fairy fking princess" with her tiara and barely there sparkle bodice and showed off the results on her Instagram page before heading out to a haunted funhouse to celebrate her reign.

    Important: Her wand was a proper prop throughout the whole night and added some extra oomph to her princess poses.

  • Princess Miley

    Meanwhile, Miley decided to give Cinderella a spin as "Cindersmelly," who doesn't bother with a strapless bra in her ballgown because WHAT.

    And while Miley didn't go out to celebrate with her rugged regalia -- instead opting for a night of baking -- she did get to smooch her Prince Charming by the end of the night. <3

What's good, ahem, is that both of these girls are casting aside all that damsel in distress business and bringing princesses into the 21st Century, pop star-style. How's THAT for the next Disney Princess transformation?!