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This Is What 'The Walking Dead' Cast Looked Like 5 Years Ago Today

Happy five years to our favorite! Remember Glenn?

This Saturday (October 31), millions of Americans will dress like witches, wizards, goblins, ghouls, and sexy Donald Trump in the annual spectacle that is Halloween. However, here at MTV News we'll be pretty busy celebrating the official five-year anniversary of our fave, "The Walking Dead."

Hard to believe it's been five years since Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) fell out of a coma and into a life of living hell, but it has -- and since then, we've seen him deal with pain, loss, trauma, mental illness, more death than a human being should ever have to witness in their entire lives, and that one time Carl (Chandler Riggs) refused to share his pudding. But the thing is, we're so used to the way "Walking Dead" is now, that it's easy to forget that back in Season 1, when Frank Darabont was still the showrunner, Rick Grimes' world looked a whole lot different.

Below, we exploreth the ways:

  • First up there's Rick.

    ... Who looks mostly the same, just a whole lot less worse for the wear, and significantly less beardy.

  • And of course, Carl, who was a legitimate child with a far less "teen" haircut.

    Oh, and whose that with him? It must be...

  • ...Lori, Rick and Carl's beloved family matriarch!

    If only the fans had loved her as much as Rick and Carl did!

  • The only problem was, of course, that Lori had SHANE.

    This. Freaking. Guy.

  • Lori spent a good amount of her time worrying about Rick v. Shane, and it was a problem.

    It wasn't until arguably Season 3 that the show was able to create some awesome female characters.

  • And speaking of relationship problems, remember when Carol was still with Ed?

    Thank God THAT'S over.

  • Sophia was alive too. Shrug.

    Not much to say about Sophia. You had a rough end, girl.

  • There was also Jim. Remember Jim? Jim died by the side of the road.

    Let's hope he never killed anybody else in his zombie form. Yikes.

  • And the Morales family, who disappeared into the sunset.

    ... I'm sure they ended up JUST FINE.

  • Daryl and Glenn were still around, of course.

    Both just slightly less muscular than they are now -- and with shorter hair, too!

  • But back then, Daryl also had a brother named Merle.

    Merle didn't get along so well with the rest of the Grimes Gang, unfortunately.

  • Speaking of siblings, who can forget Andrea and Amy?

    Such strong, sweet survivors!

  • Err, yeah, there wasn't really a happy ending in store for Andrea and Amy.


  • But at least Andrea always had Dale, right?

    Sorry, that was mean.

  • Remember when Jacqui and T-Dog were two alive human beings?

    Such strong character development, wow!

  • And remember when they went to the CDC and found Stan from "The Americans?"

    He was a big ol' ball of fun.

  • Yeah, that was rough. But at least there's always Morgan...

    Stay with us forever, plz.