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Battling Eminem Was Like Fighting Mike Tyson — Just Ask D12’s Kuniva

Let's go down memory lane.

Battling Eminem ain't easy.

Em was such a great battle rapper coming up that he made an entire movie ("8 Mile") all about it. In real life, Shady even battled his homies. D12's Kuniva can attest to that.

"Me and Em battled and I killed him,” Kuniva joked on "Sway In The Morning," before admitting defeat. "Nah, he got me. I was a young pup, too. He was killin’ the Hip-Hop Shop. So, I tried it and I gave it my best and all I seen was my man like, ‘Throw in the towel.’"

Rough, right? Kuniva went on to compare battling Shady to trying to fight a lethal boxing giant. "I gave him a hard ass first round," he added. "But it’s like Tyson: everybody got a plan until they get hit."

This battle clearly didn't end with any bad blood. Em and Kuniva went to join forces as part of D12 and together, they released Devil's Night back in 2001 and D12 World in 2004.

The group -- which lost Proof in 2006 -- is still active. They're actually gearing up for the release of their Devil's Night Mixtape, which is set to drop Friday, Oct. 30. So stay tuned for more from the Dirty Dozen.

Watch the full interview below.

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