Watch Bernie Sanders And A Student Hug It Out And Talk About Fighting Islamaphobia

Sanders promises to fight the 'hatred being generated toward Muslims' in the U.S.

The early stages of the 2016 presidential election haven’t been the most welcoming or compassionate to Muslim voters. With many candidates using the religion as an insult or a fear-mongering tactic, or resorting to plain old unconstitutional political prejudice, it’s definitely a relief to hear a candidate calling for a change.

Remaz Abdelgader, a senior at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, asked Sen. Bernie Sanders during his town hall meeting on Wednesday (Oct. 28) what he would do, as president, about the growing culture of Islamaphobia in the United States.

“As an American muslim student who aspires to change this world,” Abdelgader began, “...hearing the rhetoric that’s going on in the media makes me sick.”

(She and Sanders had a quick hug before she continued. It was cute.)

In his answer, Sanders got unusually personal and brought up his own background: "I'm Jewish," he said, adding that racism and prejudice played a role in his own family's history.

He says that's why he is determined to fight racism throughout his campaign and, if elected, his presidency "to build a nation where we all stand together as one people."

"You are right: There is a lot of anger being generated, hatred being generated against Muslims in this country. That's absolutely correct. There is hatred being generated against immigrants in this country," Sanders said. "And if we stand for anything, we need to stand together and end all forms of racism and I will lead that effort as president of the United States."

Before she left the stage, Abdelgader and Sanders shared one more hug.

“Being an American is such a strong part of my identity, but I want to create a change in this society,” Abdelgader told ThinkProgress shortly after the meeting ended. “I’m so tired of listening to this rhetoric saying I can’t be president one day, that I should not be in office. It makes me so angry and upset. This is my country."

You can watch the full video here: