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'Pitch Perfect 3' Has Named Its Pitch-Perfect Pick For Director

A familiar face is back to take the helm.

Grab those pitch pipes and prepare the get singing, because "Pitch Perfect 3" has named its director. And she's not aca-new around these parts.

According to Variety, Elizabeth Banks will return to direct the third installment of the popular franchise. Banks was a producer on both "Pitch Perfect" and "Pitch Perfect 2," and directed "Pitch Perfect 2." She also appeared in a minor role in both previous films.

Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson have all signed up to reprise their parts as core Barden Bella alums, and we're curious to see what screenwriter Kay Cannon (who is also slated to return) comes up with for their post-collegiate lives.

Banks is also attached to direct the upcoming "Red Queen" and a reboot of "Charlie's Angels," both of which are still in development at their respective studios.

If Banks' prior comments are anything to go off of, we know exactly how she got the "Pitch Perfect 3" gig: she asked for it. (Of course, we're sure the success of the prior installment didn't hurt either.)

"I raise my hand a lot," Banks told NPR in May. "I don’t always get what I’m asking for. But if I didn’t ask for it, I definitely wouldn’t get it. And I just feel like what’s the worst that can happen? Someone can say no.”

"Pitch Perfect 3" is slated to hit theaters August 4, 2017.