Ja Rule's Daughter Drops A Bombshell On Her Dear Ol' Dad

Find out what Brittney reveals in this 'Follow the Rules' sneak peek!

It's widely known that fathers can be overprotective of their daughters -- especially when they get older and start to date -- and Ja Rule is no exception to the rule (pun intended).

In a sneak peek of "Follow the Rules" -- the rapper's upcoming MTV docu-series centered around his clan -- Ja gets a phone call from his college-age girl and firstborn Brittney regarding her upcoming break plans to the Sunshine State. Ever the overprotective parent, the musician has another idea for his offspring's vacation.

"Bring everybody here!" the dad of three exclaims in the video below.

But Brittney (also known as B-Stacks) resists Ja's invitation to head home to New Jersey -- and fires back with a somewhat surprising statement.

"Okay, fine -- if you don't want me to go to Miami, then I get to come home with my boyfriend," the teen states matter-of-factly.

Um, what? Did she just drop a major relationship status update? And how does her dad react to this admission? Watch the humorous exchange below, and be sure to catch the series premiere of "Follow the Rules" this Monday (October 26) at 10/9c!