Your Friends Are Having Way Less Sex Than You Think They Are

40% of them aren't having sex at all.

by Katie Kausch

Forget the stereotype of the sex crazed college student: According to a new survey conducted by New York Magazine, nearly 40% of college students are virgins, but 68% think they're having less sex than their friends are.

"The general feeling among virgins and non-virgins alike," the accompanying article said, "was that they were having less sex than their friends."

The survey also found that far fewer students are swiping right than it may seem; only about 20% reported that they use dating apps, and just 14% of students find sexual partners online. Most, it seems, still do it old school, by asking friends if they know anyone, or through clubs and classes.


Men and women both list "rejection" as their biggest sex-related fear, with women listing "coercion" second. This could be related to the relatively recent broader understanding that coerced sex is not consent.

For those who are sexually active, 86% use some form of birth control, which is down from a CDC reported number of 98% just seven years ago.

Non-virgins were also much more likely to have been in a long-term relationship than virgins, with 69% having been in a relationship longer than a year, and 52% of virgins saying they have never been in a serious relationship.

It's important to remember that this poll was designed by reporters, not scientists, and had more female than male respondents, so the results may be slightly off. The survey also left it up to the more than 700 participants to decide for themselves whether or not they were virgins, which is more inclusive of LGBTQ+ students.

Contrary to the hook-up only narrative you see so often, 73% of respondents said they had been in love at least once, and 91% said they would like to get married some day. Looks like love isn't dead after all.