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Chris Hemsworth Just Made His Own Superhero Movie

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... Thor's Aussie bro?

Chris Hemsworth's first Instagram video is an instant classic.

The "Avengers" star dropped his Thor hammer for a new genre-faithful adaptation, this time shedding his Marvel roots and hopping to the DC Comics train for a little "Superman"-style action. (Shhh -- don't tell on him.)

Chris and some of his pals from Down Under -- including his on-set trainer and childhood friend Luke Zocchi -- teamed up for a fun on-the-road superhero mini-movie where Superman randomly drops by to ask the blokes for some quick directions. Hilarious.

The Hemsworth bros, both of whom are relatively new to the 'Gram game, have been tearing it up and battling hard for top feed. And while we have mad love for Liam's doggy tongue-wag routine and his mid-surf-wind squish face realness, Chris might have the edge now.

Your move, Liam.