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Yes, We Will Get To Meet Curtis Holt's Husband On 'Arrow'

Actor Echo Kellum explains what to expect from Star City's new tech genius.

Last week "Arrow" introduced us Curtis Holt, the latest technological wunderkind at Palmer Technologies. Of course, DC comics fans know that Holt also has his own superhero alter ego (Mr. Terrific, which is the best name ever) so it's only a matter of time before he officially joins Team Arrow.

Speaking with MTV News over the phone recently, actor Echo Kellum says that Curtis isn't quite ready to join Oliver Queen's crusade full-on just yet. But his character is definitely willing to help Felicity out any way he can, and you'll learn a lot more about him as the season continues -- and that includes learning more about his husband.

"I definitely can say that you will get a little bit more of a peek into Curtis’s personal life without getting too specific, but absolutely," he said. "You’ll get to see who the husband is and all of that stuff like that."

But of course, what we really want to see is Curtis crossing over with "The Flash" and geeking out with the gang over at S.T.A.R. labs. Hey, if Felicity can do it, so can he, right?

"Curtis is working very closely with Felicity at Palmer Tech right now, and you know they got some really great stuff going on there," Kellum said. "I definitely could see there being a place where he could get to S.T.A.R. Labs and kick it with Cisco and whoever, you know what I’m saying? I think that could be something that happens in the future. But right now he’s just trying to help out Felicity and by proxy the Green Arrow. He’s just trying to figure out some stuff."

So no, Curtis and Barry Allen aren't going to be science buds any time soon. But in tonight's episode, "Restoration," Curtis helps Felicity out with something that the Central City crew has a lot of firsthand experience with: taking down a metahuman.

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"There’s a lot of magic and superpowers and what not coming to 'Arrow' this season, But Curtis definitely deals with it," Kellum explained. "You know, I think having an extremely intelligent person like that really helps you think outside of the box even when things are kind of coming at you in a supernatural aspect. So I think him and Felicity putting their heads together, they’ll be able to figure out some pretty good stuff on how to shut down some of those supernatural capabilities and those metahumans."