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Nina Dobrev And Austin Stowell Made It Twitter Official In The Cutest Way

It's not official until it's Twitter official.

After tearing it up with their sizzling coupley red carpet debut earlier this month, Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell have finally made their romance Twitter official.

The only catch is that they didn't even know they weren't connected by social media until Tuesday (Oct. 20) night.

See, Nina and the "Bridge of Spies" star, who are battling hard for Hollywood's hottest couple right now BTW, figured out they weren't even following one another's feeds when Austin looked up his girl's profile -- as one does? -- and came to the super awks realization that he had never clicked the "follow" option.

And while that could've been taken as a diss, Nina had no room to talk, because she was guilty of the same offense. #21stCenturyProblems much?

But after some reciprocal fixing, the damage was undone and the pair finally made their beautiful romance official in Twitterdom.

So yes, tweeters. Stobrev is going strong ... even in the virtual world.