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Daniel Radcliffe Opens Up About Drinking, Nakedness, And Why He’s Not ‘A D—k’

The former 'Harry Potter' star does not have a 'normal existence.'

We don't know him IRL or anything -- oh, wait, yes we do -- but Daniel Radcliffe has always seemed like the kinda guy who doesn't buy into the whole fame thing.

Sure, he has a good, playful attitude about being in the public eye -- ahem -- but we wouldn't go rushing up to him for a selfie at the airport, if you know what we mean.

And guess what, guys? That shiz is CONFIRMED. 'Cause DanRad told Playboy Magazine that the real bane of his existence isn't You Know Who but rather the advent of camera phones. So, put 'em away, Potterphiles (we know it's harddddd).

In a super candid chat with the mag, Daniel discussed the effect that his magical rise to stardom has caused him -- including a stint of heavy drinking there near the end of the series -- but surmises that he, unlike a lot of child actors who've been in his position, didn't become the "absolute a--hole" everyone expected him to. So ... win?

Let's savor this badboy bit by bit.

  1. On being a "celebrity."

    Daniel Radcliffe's been a member of the spotlight for the majority of his life -- having stepped into the global scene at the tender age of 12. But even though his status-making series has come to a close, things are far from calm for him right now. "It feels like I get recognized more now," he said.

    And he came to realize that fact the hard way. "When I was first going out to bars and pubs, I was trying to pretend I could have a normal existence. Then you realize that people know who you are, and when you’re in a bar they take out their camera phones. Eventually you accept that you have to adapt how you live," he explained.

  2. On turning to booze to cope with the attention.

    "Anytime I’d go out to dance, camera phones would come out. That would make me very self-conscious, and what’s the easiest way to escape being self-conscious? Alcohol is a quick way of doing that," Radcliffe candidly admitted to the mag. "A few years ago there was a TV ad that showed a lot of inventors, including a guy who invented the camera phone. He was smiling smugly into the camera, and I was just like, f--k you. What have you wrought? Camera phones are definitely not my favorite."

  3. On his least favorite performance.

    Of all the eight "Harry Potter" films, the sixth -- "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" -- is his least favorite to watch ... because of his own performance. "In every movie up to the sixth one, you can see a big step forward in my acting. And then it stopped, or went backward maybe, in the sixth film ... I remember watching it and thinking, 'Wow, there’s been no growth.' You’re watching a mistake you made every day for 11 months—that’s the way I saw it." Agree to disagree, but shrug.

  4. On not becoming a "d--k."

    Unlike some of his contemporaries who shall not be named, Daniel Radcliffe has decidedly emerged from his ultra-famous youth as a pretty normal person -- and he's not known to be mean to people who work with him. But not everyone knows that.

    "When I did my first non-Potter film, 'December Boys,' I became good friends with one of the makeup and hair teams. After a few weeks, I said, 'So, honestly, what did you expect when you were going to get me?' And they said, 'We thought you were going to be a d-ck,'" he remembered. "Because that’s the notion people have in their heads of child stars. People expect me to be an absolute a--hole. And when I’m not, that always plays in my favor."

    As for why he hasn't turned to the dark-brat side, he said, "I f--king loved the work. I’ve seen kids on set who are bored, and I’m like, 'What are you doing? This is the best place on Earth.' I loved it from the word 'go.' I loved being on set. I loved the hours. I loved the people. I loved the crazy, weird sh-t I got to do every day. Acting was the focus for me, and I wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize being an actor." #Goals, kids. #GOALS.

  5. On going full-on nekkid on-stage.

    In his journey to apparate far away from all-things-magical, Daniel starred in Equus on Broadway and had to spend a significant time sans any skivvies. And although he was "sh-t-scared" about showing his nethers to the world, he mustered up the courage to make it happen. But that doesn't mean he didn't spend time thinking about the fact that "a certain percentage of the audience was coming to look at his d--k every night." YIKES.

  6. On Rupert Grint's inability to say no.

    While Dan's had trouble saying no to a selfie from even the coldest of non-fans, his former on-screen sidekick took his inherent niceness one step further. "I'm better at saying no than Rupert Grint," he told the mag. "He ended up going back to a fan's house because he couldn't say no to anything they asked. That's when it's gone too far." Oye.

  7. On why "Harry Potter" is forever.

    Fandemonium can be a fickle thing, but that is just not the case with the "Potter" faithful. If anything, the series is only getting more iconic as the books and films enter the realm of unshakable nostalgia. And DanRad understands exactly why it is an "Always" kinda thing (thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou).

    "Because the stories are great!" he said. "The books are great, and they came along at the perfect moment, when there was a fear, because of the rise of computer games, that reading was going to become a thing of the past. When kids suddenly found these books, it was something everyone could get behind as a global populace." True story.