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22 Things We Miss Most About 'Secret Life Of The American Teenager'

We're still shipping Amy and Ricky, TBH.

By Crystal Bell and Stacey Grant

"Secret Life of the American Teenager" was essentially a sex-ed class wrapped in a soapy teen drama, and yet for five seasons, it had us completely hooked. Every drop of teen angst that dripped off Daren Kagasoff's brow fueled our entire high school existence.

Oh, and this was the show that gave us Shailene Woodley, so we think it's about time you show it some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. From hair transformations to adorable bbs, here are 21 things we miss most about "Secret Life":

  1. Shailene Woodley

    Before the world knew her as Tris Prior, Woodley got her big break as high school french horn enthusiast, and teen mom, Amy on "Secret Life." Amy never met a scarf she didn't like, and we loved her for it.

  2. Shailene Woodley's hair

    We have nothing against her short new 'do, but Woodley gave us serious #hairgoals on "Secret Life." It was just so long and shiny and perfect. We especially love her scene-kid hair part in the earlier seasons.

  3. Teen angst

    Everywhere you looked, the students of Grant High were saddled with angst, which leads us to...

  4. Hot broody dudes

    We can thank Ryan Atwood for the archetype that gave us Ricky Underwood, the so-called bad boy of Grant High School. Swoon. Then again, this was also the kind of guy that would sleep with you, get you pregnant and then flirt with your older sister. But guys grow out of that kind of behavior, right?

  5. The fact that everyone just walked into everyone else’s house whenever

    Because why would you even think about locking your doors, right?

  6. Tom and Grace's brother-sister relationship
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    Tom was the loyal big brother any of us would be lucky to have. He just wanted what was right for Grace, especially after the death of their father. While his overprotectiveness sometimes got on her nerves, Grace knew his heart was in the right place.

  7. All the ~scandals~

    "Secret Life" was a show about teenagers and sex -- and most importantly, how they talk about sex. Naturally, there were more than a few scandals to rock Grant High School. But it didn't just stop at teen pregnancies. "Secret Life" had an episode for everything: coping with the death of a parent, teen marriage, questioning your sexuality, lying, cheating, betrayal, etc. Every 42-minute episode felt like a therapy session!

  8. Amy's mom Anne was just the BEST

    Amy's mom Anne was the coolest mom on the block. Not only was she always down to dish out life advice and talk about high school gossip, but she also had the courage to come out as gay to her family in Season 4.

  9. Grace's fall from grace

    Grace's evolution from a wholesome, girl next door to a sexually active, mature young woman was really quite incredible. She spent much of the series conflicted about sex, and when she lost her virginity with her boyfriend Jack, she sadly lost her father the same night. That made Grace's feelings about sex even more confusing. Despite several failed attempts to save herself for marriage, Grace eventually resolved her issues with sex once she found a guy who loved and respected her.

  10. Hedy's Happy Holiday House
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    Remember that heartwarming moment when none of the characters were fighting with each other? Yeah, it didn't happen too often, but it did happen at Hedy's Happy Holiday House, when the gang breaks into the abandoned toy warehouse and have their own Christmas party.

  11. All the Ben and Leo pep talks about life and right vs. wrong
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    Almost every episode was pretty much guaranteed to include a famous father/son Boykewich speech. The two would ramble back and forth, and you always knew Leo was right and Ben was about to do something stupid. TBH, Leo really was the best dad on that show.

  12. The catchy theme song
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    You know the one. ♫ Falling in love / It’s such an easy thing to do / Birds can do it, we can do it Lets stop talkin’, let’s get to it / Let’s fall in love ♫

  13. That random female masturbation scene
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    This episode from Season 2 was definitely one to remember. All the girls were sick of their screwed up love lives (holla!) so they decide to "Just Say Me," which was what Grace decided to call the movement of getting the girls in school to pleasure themselves — and give up boys in the process.

  14. Amy and Ricky's battle with marriage
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    Good Lord, by the end of the series, we were wondering if they would ever get married. (Spoilers: They never did.) There was that time they made everyone think they were married, before finally coming clean. And of course, can't forget that depressing AF series finale when Amy called off the wedding and left Ricky.

  15. Baby John
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    We got to watch John grown from a teeny, tiny baby into a cute toddler. He was actually played by twins Matthew and Joseph Levinson.

  16. Every time Amy didn't get her way
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    This happened often, actually. A small thing wouldn't go as planned and BAM!, Amy is pissed off for the rest of the episode. Real talk, Amy Juergens may not have started the "Resting Bitchface" trend, but she definitely perfected it.

  17. Ashley Juergens' level of sass
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    Amy's younger sister really didn't have time for anyone's BS, and that's what we loved about her. She was absent from many Season 4 and 5 episodes, and we missed her every second she was away.

  18. Adrian Lee's developing relationship with her father
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    The former Mrs. Boykewich grew up never knowing who her father was. During the show, she finds him and they begin to develop a father/daughter relationship. It was obviously rocky, but had some very sweet moments, too.

  19. The transformation of Jack Pappas' hair
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    In Season 1, Jack had longer hair, but that was gone by the end of the series. A moment of silence for Jack's long hair, please.

  20. The random flashmob in the school hallway
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    Madison and Lauren led a flashmob, singing Bruno Mars' "Marry You," while people danced around holding cutouts of Ricky's face in front of their own. As much as Amy enjoyed the performance, she also felt badly because she and Ricky didn't actually get married. Liar, liar, pants on fire, Amy.

  21. Dorky bb Ben
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    Before this show got tangled up in love triangles and ~scandals~, it was just about a boy pining after a cute girl, who just happens to be pregnant with another dude's baby. Bb Ben was so precious and definitely the poster child for being adorakable. As the seasons progressed, Ben seemed (at least to me) to lose a lot of his charm and like-ability. But back in Season 1, he was the boy next door audiences fell in love with on the show.

  22. Important life lessons

    Well, really just one important life lesson: USE A CONDOM.