These People Couldn't Stop Thinking Dirty Thoughts, Even For Money

Watch the hosts of 'Broke A$$ Game Show' play a naughty fill-in-the-blank game.

Sometimes a perfectly innocent fill-in-the-blank challenge can take one's mind to a dirty place, even if said person is trying so hard not to go there. Need proof? Look no further than this highly entertaining "Broke A$$ Game Show" bit.

During tonight's episode, hosts Derek Gaines and David Magidoff asked several Big Apple pedestrians to participate in an exercise called "Fill in the Bank." Guess the word/saying with only ONE missing letter, win $10. Seems simple enough? Not when the aforementioned clues can also be super naughty...

An example: _-A-K-E T-I-_-S -- with a pointer that the item is "hard and circular." Be honest, can you think of any answer that isn't sexual? (They were looking for "C-A-K-E T-I-N-S," you dirty bird.)

An added bonus: The contestants' responses went to such perverted places that Derek was laughing so hard he could barely keep himself standing up -- and honestly, we had a similar reaction.

Check out the filthy segment in the clip below, and don't miss the next “Broke A$$ Game Show” Thursday at 10:30/9:30c.