Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Beautiful, Beautiful Face Is The Least Important Thing About Him

Thirst aside, this is a big deal for Canada.

When the planets and stars align and we have the good fortune of seeing a political figure with a face that could totally werk on any form currency (oh hey, Alexander Hamilton is a 10 on the 10 for a reason) it's a time to rejoice.

With the election of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada on Monday (Oct. 19) night, we're getting all that nice-face action along with some swoon-worthy principals -- which, tbh, are so much more important.


Before we all die of dehydration scrolling through press pics of the new Canadian leader, let's just remember that under that beautiful fluffy hair and oh-so dreamy farmer's market-frequenting dad exterior is a an accomplished politician who's really worth keeping an eye on. Here's why:

  1. He's standing up against Islamaphobia.

    In this election, Trudeau toppled incumbant Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose platform and history toward Muslim individuals was super uncool and intolerant. Trudeau said that Canada's treatment of Muslim people needed to improve to avoid calling back to the way it treated Ukranian, Italian, Japanese and Jewish people in the 1930s and 40s.

  2. He's big on the environment.

    Trudeau promised some real action against climate change (which was a major issue for Canadian voters this year). He's also promised to attend UN's Climate Change Conference and take action in all the Canadian provinces within 90 days.

  3. He listens to the kids.

    A former Drama teacher, Trudeau is big on recognizing the values of the younger generation. During the early days of his political career, he cited conversations with young people as a major influence on his policies.

    "The more I spoke with young people all over the country, the more I began to gravitate toward a life of advocacy. It was becoming increasingly clear to me that the issues young Canadians cared about — education, the environment, their generation's economic prospects — needed a stronger voice in the public sphere," he writes on his website. "I also began to feel that a generational change was approaching, one that might open up new possibilities. It was against this backdrop that I made my first steps into politics."

  4. He's a feminist.

    It's real nice to see people in politics who don't shy away from that word.

  5. He wants to improve Canada's relationship with indigenous people.

    Trudeau has vowed to investigate the 1,200 cases of aboriginal women who were murdered or reported missing in Canada and to improve the country's over-all treatment of indigenous peoples.

  6. He's hoping to make some major drug reform.

    Trudeau's platform on marijuana legalization in Canada is also a stand-out position. He's been vocal about how he wants a responsible, reasonable recreational drug policy that keeps citizens out of the system for possession (and, of course, this move could mean something big for the U.S. as well).

  7. And, finally, he knows he's pretty -- but he uses it for good.

    In 2011, Trudeau appeared at a fundraiser for the Canadian Liver Foundation called the What a Girl Wants Gala, which raises funds for liver disease research. He also gave a performance of the "Magic Mike XXL" variety. For charity.

    (Yeah, he only stripped down to a tank top, but we ain't even mad.)