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Eat, Prey, 'Arrow' -- Oliver Queen's Guide to Traveling The World

Did you know that you can find a salmon ladder anywhere?

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has traveled the world on "Arrow." OK, mostly, he's just hung out on Lian Yu — but, guys, he's seen sights. More than that, he's learned a thing or two about what it takes to survive when on the road. Whether you're trying to stop a deadly virus in Hong Kong or working up the courage to storm a ship captained by your mirakuru-riddled former bestie, Oliver Queen has the travel advice for you.

Here are 17 things Oliver Queen has taught us about how to travel the world in style...

  1. Try new things!
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    You never know when you might be really good at something. Like Thai cooking. Or vigilantism.

  2. Be sure to bring back souvenirs for your loved ones.
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    Don't forget to bring some things back for the special people in your life! Oliver picked up this little treasure, a hozen, off the corpse of Japanese soldier. Thoughtful, right?

  3. Keep a list of all the things you want to do when you get home.
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    Travel can be inspiring. Write down all of the wonderful things your experience has inspired you to try when you get home!

  4. Don't be afraid to rely on the kindness of strangers.
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    But be weary of military-types looking to crash the Chinese economy.

  5. Have a marketable skill — just in case you need some extra cash.
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    It doesn't hurt to have a marketable skill for when you find yourself on the other side of the world without any money or means to return home. For Oliver, this marketable skill was his ability to torture information out of people. (And, now, souffles!) For you, it might be English language tutoring.

  6. Pack light.
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    What did Oliver bring when he was going off to face Ra's al Ghul in a fight to the death on some random cliff? Just a duffel. No need to overpack — especially when you're heading to a locale where shirts are optional and weapons are provided.

  7. Be prepared for your plans to change.
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    When on the road, you have to be ready for anything. Sometimes, you get drugged in a bar and you wake up in a cargo plane. Before you get the chance to gain your bearings, you're given a choice: take the parachute and jump to don't take the parachute and jump. In this situation, Oliver grabs the parachute, then grumbles about his predicament. It's OK to grumble; just make sure you have the parachute on first, OK?

  8. Drink lots of tea.
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    Good for your health and it can be found anywhere in the world.

  9. Choose travel companions wisely.

    Travel brings the best and the worst out of people. Sure, Slade seemed like a cool guy when Oliver and he were trying to ruin Fryers' plan to take down the Chinese economy, but one dose of mirakuru later, and he's the worst travel buddy EVER.

  10. Remember: maps are your friend.
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    Or, better yet: Ask for directions!

  12. Bring mementos of the people and places you love from home.
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    You never know when you might need to see a familiar face.

  13. Stay with friends to save money!
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    Warning: they might make you do your own laundry. (The nerve!)

  14. Don't be afraid to admit when something was a bad idea.

    Maybe traveling to Nanda Parbat seemed like a good idea before you got there, but there's no shame in hightailing it out of a place before your reservation's up.

  15. Check out the local markets with a friend.
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    Run, Akio. Run.

  16. Stay healthy.
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    Just because you're not in your normal routine doesn't mean you should be neglecting your health. Go for a run! Find a yoga class! Use a random tree as your salmon ladder! The world is your gym!

  17. Try to keep a sense of humor about things.
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    Trust us. It'll help. Doesn't Oliver look so much happier here than he does in season 2?

  18. When in doubt, travel with Smoak.

    Were we all so lucky to have a Felicity Smoak in our lives!