23 Bras That Do Way More Than Lift And Separate

These creative bras will do everything from save your life to hide you wine.

Have you ever thought that bras should do more than just lift and separate your lady lumps? You’re not the only one. Innovators all over the world have been playing with the basic bra to turn it into something extraordinary with a little help from technology -- so here are 23 bras that do way more than just hold up your boobs.

  1. The First Electronic Bra?

    Decades ago, a pioneer emerged. Designer Jim Fox had a dream and that dream was electronic bras. Madonna? Did you take him up on the offer?

  2. Cancer Quick Detector

    Cyrcadia Health has developed a bra system that can detect temperature changes in the breast. This means that it can sense the growth of tumors. Since the first announcement made in 2014, independent research has shown that it is very good at detecting cancerous growths.

  3. Get Reminded To Feel Yourself Up

    If you would rather pass on the cancer detecting bra and give yourself a good old-fashioned self-exam, then the Tweeting Bra is for you. When you unlatch it, it sends a tweet to your phone to remind you to get checking for some lumps. Don’t worry, it doesn’t send tweets every time you take your bra off, just at regular intervals.

  4. Hangry? This Bra Lets You Know

    Microsoft researchers have designed a bra that can detect stress and will let you know if you’re really hungry, or just stressed out. It’s not out on the market yet, but it should be!

  5. Bionic Boobs
    Australia's University of Wollongong

    If you have some rather large ladies on your chest, then you probably have to, ahem, readjust throughout the day. The Bionic Bra by scientists at Australia's University of Wollongong automatically tightens when breasts move to provide support throughout the day. “Results indicate that our technologies can sense breast motion and provide additional breast support. The challenge now is to integrate these technologies into a functional, comfortable bra,” Bionic Bra team member Dr. Sheridan Gho said in a university press release.

  6. Fight For Your Right To Be Female And Safe
    Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE)

    Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE) have designed a bra that senses pulls, tugs and hard squeezes, then sends a 3,800 kilo-volts into a potential attacker’s hand, and calls for help.

  7. The Color Changing Bra

    Remember hyper color from the 90s? It’s back again, but this time it’s meant to increase sisterhood. The Good Friend Sister Bra from Japan changes color when a friend touches it. Umm, I’m not sure what friendship is like over in Japan, but I’m not too sure women will be jumping to have their friends touch their boobs in the US. It would make fun sexy-time lingerie for the bedroom, though.

  8. Are You In Love? This Bra Can Tell You

    Back in the day, the late, great Whitney Huston asked, “How will I know if he really loves me?” Well, if she were wearing the Ravijour smart bra, she may have gotten her answer. This bra can detect heat rate and will only unhook for the man you love, supposedly.

  9. Built-In Air Conditioning

    What lady hasn’t wished there was an air conditioner in her bra? The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra with Intel® CurieTM Module can sense temperature, adrenaline or stress levels and opens up to provide better air flow. The bra is now available on the Chromat site.

  10. Light ‘Em Up!

    Ever want to go to a party and just wear your bra? Nah, me either. I might now, though, since I’ve seen these rave bras by Enlighted.

  11. Tune In Tokyo?

    This is an unusual way to get people to visit your country. Tokyo developed a bra that basically converts into a welcome package. Hey, whatever gets them in the door, right?

  12. Pump Up And Keep Track

    The Sensoria Smart Sports bra has a built in heart rate monitor and moisture-wicking technology to keep you free of cords and cool while you exercise. "Heart rate monitor straps are uncomfortable and can feel restricting, especially when worn with a sports bra. The Sensoria Sports Bra is great for women because it allows them to be active and monitor their heart rate during their workouts, without having to worry about a strap moving around and irritating their skin,” said Davide Vigano, CEO & Co-Founder.

  13. Monitor Your Heart
    University of Arkansas

    This smart bra also monitors your heart, but for a totally different reason. The University of Arkansas combined nanotextiles and smartphone technology to create a bra that alerts you if you are showing signs of a potential heart attack.

  14. A Place to Put Your Goodies

    Okay, be honest. You’ve carried things in your bra before. Well, now you don’t have to be ashamed. PocketBra has designed bras that have built-in pockets to carry your cash, keys and ID while you’re out at the club. No need to carry a purse!

  15. Green Breasts Get A Hole-in-One?
    Triumph Japan

    Okay. This one may just go too far. This bra by Triumph Japan turns into a putting green.

  16. Reach Out And Touch Someone

    This bra brings new meaning to phone sex. Your distant lover can use a smartphone to make Fundawear bras vibrate.

  17. You Don’t Need A Flashlight Anymore

    Who needs a flashlight app on your phone when you can just whip out your breasts? The Lumigram LumiTop Bra can light your way thanks to built-in fiber optics.

  18. Give Your Boyfriend A Hand

    Ever have a guy fidget with your bra? It really ruins the mood. Now you can give your guy a hand by making your own Clap Off Bra.

  19. The Best Way to Support... Your Wine Habit

    Never has technology been so useful! The Winerack lets you sip while you jog.

  20. It’s All About That Bass

    Sometime, boobs just need to rock out. When you build this DIY bra speaker, jamming with your jumblies will be easier than ever.

  21. Solar-Powered Fan Bra

    If you ever get the urge to fan someone else’s face with your chest, I guess you could just make one of these.

  22. The Bra You’ll Hopefully Never Need

    How do you know you’re bra invention is good? It wins a Nobel Prize. The cups of this bra designed by a Swedish researchers turns into a gasmask in a jiff. The men trying on the gas mask is the best part of this video.

  23. Break the Habit With Your Bra
    New Line

    The Anti-Smoking Manifesto Bra emits perfume from capsules containing essential oils inside the bra. The smell is supposed to help women quit smoking by blocking the smell of cigarettes smoke, and by calming the nerves.