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Demi Lovato And Fall Out Boy's New Collaboration Is Going To Be 'Irresistible'

It'll be a collab for the centuries.

Even though Demi Lovato has a whole album of her own coming out on Friday, she's giving us even more with her Fall Out Boy collaboration on the same day.

*Lovatics around the world simultaneously clutch their hearts*

Yep, Demz unveiled the cover art for "Irresistible" on Thursday (Oct. 15). Fall Out Boy revealed that the whole thing was going down only days before on their blog.

"i think demi lovato has one of the most powerful voices today," they wrote. "so we worked through an afternoon and she just got it. excited for you guys to hear this new version of the song on friday."

And, according to Chinese pop singer Gloria Tang Shi-Wing (G.E.M.), who is voicing Sleeping Beauty in an upcoming Prince Charming movie, Demi and Fall Out Boy have also teamed up with her for a song for the flick, along with Avril Lavigne and Ashley Tisdale.

Demi is releasing Confident tomorrow, which features songs like "Cool For The Summer" and "Stone Cold." And what better way to celebrate an album than by giving out MORE music? Sounds like a good Friday to me!