Which Scary Story From 'Daria' Still Gives You The Chills?

The only thing to fear is fear itself...and the Fashion Club.

Daria Morgendorffer would probably tell you that urban legends are "scarring experiences perpetuated as a kind of cultural hazing" -- but Lawndale High's scary stories still just seem hilarious to us.

Fifteen years ago (we're so old), "Daria" put the "dead" back in "deadpan" with an episode entitled "Legends of the Mall" -- in which the town's myths are acted out by all our favorite characters.

In honor of this anniversary and the Halloween season, we're diving back into the queen of monotone's take on our "Sick, Sad World" with the aforementioned, highly entertaining installment and a few select clips:

  • "The Rattling Girl of Lawndale"

    The most popular girl ever could maybe have gotten away with a smoky eye instead. Oh well!

  • "Metal Mouth"

    How do you even brush metal teeth? Polish? Sounds like it tastes awful.

  • "The House of Bad Grades"

    It didn't take a ghost for us to fail a math test when we were in school... but oh man, what an excuse!

Which scary story gave you the most chills? Let us know in the comments section, and check out more Halloween coverage from MTV!