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The New 'Harry Potter' E-Books Have 223 Enhancements -- Here's What We Know So Far

Just take all of our money. Have it.

Just when you thought you'd bought all the "Harry Potter" editions you could ever need -- well, after the illustrated version that dropped this week, of course -- Pottermore and Apple have teamed up to bring you an enhanced e-book version with a whopping 223 additions to heighten the series' magic even more.

As Ron might say, "Blimey, that's a lot!"

According to Pottermore, some of the changes include a possibly catchable flitting snitch that shows up on a page in "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," and a Mountain Troll that clubs a paragraph in another segment. Essentially, these are new in-text animated images that reflect the narrative surrounding the pic, turning the books into a moving, picture-filled hall at Hogwarts, a.k.a. THE DREAM.

Next step? We propose some smell-o-vision that has our devices waft out the scent of Snape's potions and Firewhisky and such while hologram Harry acts everything out on top of the screen. But that's an idea for next time.

A Pottermore exec who helped to craft these enrichments explained that choosing the right moments for extras was a little bit tricky because "sometimes it’s appropriate to allow the reader to take a look around the wizarding world and put an explanatory picture of a Hinkypunk in their peripheral vision. Sometimes, in moments of tense action and grave peril, that would be completely wrong."

So, no devastating baby Harry Potter GIF in this edition, then, we're guessing? Good. Our hearts can't handle any more of that, TBH.

In a statement, Apple added that artwork and animations such as these aren't the only upgrades offered by their edition; J.K. Rowling herself has offered up some annotations scattered throughout the seven-book series as well!

The new "Harry Potter" e-books are available on iTunes.