'Hunger Games': 11 Times Rue Broke Our Hearts

[Solemn Mockingjay whistle]

When people think of relationships in the "Hunger Games" movies, two faces tend to come to mind: Gale and Peeta. (Mostly Peeta, duh.)

But there's one character whose relationship with Katniss, though she only appeared in one movie, has changed our heroine for good: Rue.

The littlest tribute befriended Katniss and became an ally in the first "Hunger Games," then, even after her death, lived on through the story. As any fan knows, the body count is by no means low in the "Hunger Games" franchise, but the loss of Rue may have hit us hardest.

Here are 11 sniffle-inducing Rue moments, in case you're due for a good cry.

  1. When she first made herself known in the training center.
  2. ...with her wicked good climbing and hiding skills. She could have been a champion!
  3. When Rue and Katniss formed their alliance.
  4. They protected each other!
  5. And they even got to have some lighthearted moments in the arena.
  6. Remember this moment of total grief?
  7. And this one too?
  8. That time when Katniss covered Rue with flowers. Sob.
  9. This silent moment of solidarity.
  10. When Peeta offered up this artistic tribute. Gone but never forgotten.
  11. And then a year later, when Katniss shared her grief with Rue's District.